Academy life

Academy lifeQueen Elizabeth’s Academy is a diverse and lively place. Our students enjoy their education and immerse themselves in their learning, together with taking the opportunity to engage with a wide range of enrichment activities on offer.

We pride ourselves on knowing and valuing each student individually. We work with families to help students get the most out of their time at the academy and achieve their all-round potential preparing them well for adult life.

The academy itself is a mixture of the old and the new – our buildings are steeped in heritage, but our facilities, resources and our teaching methods are modern and forward thinking, blending the historic and contemporary seamlessly together.

This blending can be echoed through our approach to behaviour and personal development. Students are given the freedom to express themselves, try something new and develop as individuals, both academically
and personally. We do, however, implement a set of defined and strong standards about what is acceptable from our students, covering behaviour, appearance and attendance. The academy applies sanctions to those who do not behave within acceptable boundaries and rewards those who exceed expectations.

Ultimately, we want all students to succeed and to make the most of their potential. Whether our students choose to go into employment, continue their education to university, or perhaps start their own businesses when they complete their studies, it is our intention that our academy has given them the knowledge, skills and desire to make their continuing journey a success.