Curriculum changes from 2017/2018

Queen Elizabeth’s Academy is transforming its curriculum for 2017/18. Committed to a broad curriculum, our students enjoy the full English Baccalaureate suite of subjects with the important additions of music, drama, art, ICT, physical education, and options at key stage 4 for business studies, law, child development and psychology.

BIG changes – a knowledge-based curriculum
From September 2017, the style in which our students are taught is significantly changing. It is our intention to deliver the curriculum content of two years in one. This will be achieved through a new approach to delivery, where teachers teach directly from the front, challenge students to do their best and work hard, and where classrooms are industrious, busy learning spaces. We value knowledge and expect our students to learn facts and figures to have a solid foundation of information to draw from. This knowledge-based programme will ensure that students catch up on any missed learning from the past and are on track with, or outperforming, their peers in other academies and schools.

Homework will be standard and will be set for the year, published in planners. This means that parents can easily support with their child’s learning, and can plan ahead as homework will be predictable and regular.

Staff have worked very hard to prepare a challenging curriculum for 2017/18 and are looking forward to being able to deliver exciting lessons, aimed at ensuring that all students are engaged with their learning and are supported within classrooms. Teachers will further demonstrate that they are experts in their field and students will be provided with ‘knowledge organisers’ for each topic in each subject, outlining the minimum knowledge required for their learning to be productive. Students will be tested on this knowledge regularly, and they will be expected to learn and use the knowledge to enhance their performance in assessments.

Teaching staff, alongside members of senior leadership, will challenge all poor behaviour which may slow down our learning. We will take a strict view on this and involve parents at the earliest opportunity to ensure that any learning needs are met and that behaviour is improved immediately.

When speaking to students and staff, I have had a clear view that they are excited about this new approach. They are ready to take the necessary steps to ensure that students achieve the very best that they can, and live ‘life in all its fullness’ (John 10:10).

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Miss Brothwell
Academy Director