Ethos and values

Ethos and valuesAs an academy, we value and develop the qualities which enable our students to succeed in all aspects of their lives. We celebrate resilience, perseverance and dedication; we call it 'grit'. 

Students with 'grit' know that with hard work and focus, they can achieve anything. This means that they aim high and set high expectations for themselves. 'Grit' ensures that students don't give up when things seem difficult. They carry on going, learning from mistakes and improving as they go and they support each other to succeed. 

We hold dear the Christian values of respect, responsibility and compassion for others that underpin everything we do. 'Life in all its fullness' John 10:10 reminds us of the importance to develop the whole child, and as a small academy our care and guidance is excellent and we are rightly proud of the family atmosphere which supports students to thrive.

Our 2020 mission is to be the academy of choice for families across Mansfield. We aim to be rated Ofsted Outstanding and to be delivering a first class education for students appropriate for the 21st Century.

To ensure that we succeed in our mission, we have four cornerstones fundamental to our success:

To improve attainment for students by ensuring that all students achieve better than expected progress. This means that our curriculum must engage and excite our students and accurately meet their needs.

We know how important it is that we model respectful behaviour and that we have high expectations of our students. We support students to work through disagreements or difficulties in a mature manner which enables both sides to voice their views. We treat everybody equally well.

Inspiration and aspiration
To recruit and retain students through an exciting, innovative curriculum with EBACC at its core, flanked by a range of creative and vocational subjects which we value equally. We acknowledge and celebrate successes within our academy and in the wider community and we understand the importance that every child experiences success.

Our students learn the skills needed to succeed as leaders. They learn how to communicate effectively, how to plan for the future and they are given opportunities to contribute to the academy and to their wider communities. Students from Queen Elizabeth’s Academy are regularly included in decision making and are used to expressing their viewpoint in an appropriate manner. We are confident that this will ensure that our students are at a distinct advantage when they make their next steps to further education or training, and we support them through this transition.

We develop capacity in leadership of staff at all levels to sustain improvement, focusing on strong and supportive teams, robust quality assurance and tracking systems. Offering a presence and a support to staff, students and parents, our leadership leads by example and has a clear vision for moving the academy forward.