GeographyCurriculum coverage at key stage 3
In years 7 and 8 students study a range of topics detailed below which aim to develop and broaden their knowledge of places at a range of scales from local to international including the Middle East, Africa and Asia (where students will select a country to study). Throughout years 7 and 8 students will develop and apply a wide variety of skills including, data handling, map skills, interpreting photographs and satellite images to name a few. They will develop their understanding of key geographical processes and human interaction with a range of environments. This will enable them to work independently and prepare them for GCSE geography.

Year 7 will study:

  • Discovering geography 
  • Water world
  • Tectonics
  • Settlements
  • Population
  • Africa

Year 8 will study:

  • Shaping the land
  • Ecosystems
  • Development
  • Conflict
  • Weather
  • Coasts

In year 9 students will study humanities which will cover the topics below from geography which will all be taught through independent enquiry and research:

Year 9

  • Hazards
  • China
  • How to ruin a planet

Curriculum coverage at key stage 4
Students who opt for GCSE Geography will study the new OCR A GCSE specification called ‘Geographical Themes’. The specification provides a dynamic, contemporary and exciting opportunity for students to engage with the world around them. They will study the following topics:

  • Part 1: Landscapes of the UK, People of the UK, UK Environmental challenges.
  • Part 2: Ecosystems of the planet, People of the planet, Environmental threats to our planet.
  • Part 3: Geographical skills and fieldwork.

Please note that field work is a compulsory part of the GCSE geography course. All geographical skills will be taught throughout the course rather than a discreet topic.
To find out more about the specification please follow this link: themes-j383-from-2016/

Current year 11 students are studying the Edexcel A specification which can be found at:

Again, fieldwork is compulsory and year 11 students are studying the following topics:

  • Unit 1: Geographical skills and challenges
  • Unit 2: The natural environment
  • Unit 3: The human environment
  • Unit 4: Investigating geography (controlled assessment)