Curriculum coverage at key stage 3
Students begin their Historical journey in 1066, through the Renaissance, 17th Century, 18th Century until they reach the modern day. Within their studies, students will encounter a range of topics detailed below, which aims to develop and broaden their knowledge of the world in which they live.

They will explore how Historical events have shaped and impacted on the lives of people, past and present. This journey will begin in Year 7 as students study the Battle of Hastings, Medieval life, Thomas Becket, Elizabeth 1and the Spanish Armada. In Year 8 students continue to develop Historical skills as they study the Renaissance, the English Civil War, the Industrial Revolution and Slavery. In Year 9 students explore the 20th Century in depth encountering events from World War 1 through to post war Britain and beyond. This will enable them to work independently and to gain the skills in preparation for GCSE History.

Year 7 will study

  • An introduction to the Middle Ages (sources)
  • Conflict, change and leadership
  • Religion and Society – Medieval Church
  • Society, disease and change
  • The Tudors
  • Society and religion in 1600

Year 8 will study

  • Crown and Persecution
  • Conflict, change and leadership
  • Empire and change
  • Industry and Development
  • Crime and punishment

Year 9 will study
In year 9 students will study a Humanities course, which will cover a variety of cross curricular topics. Within their Historical studies, students will explore:

  • Causes of war
  • World War I
  • The Roaring 20’s
  • Women’s suffrage
  • World War II

Curriculum coverage at key stage 4
Students who choose to continue their GCSE History studies will be following the Edexcel GCSE specification. The specification provides a dynamic, contemporary and exciting opportunity for students to engage with History over time. They will study the following topics:

  • Thematic Study and Historical Environment- Medicine in Britain c1250- present and The British Sector of the Western Front, 1914-18: injuries, treatment and the trenches 
  • Period Study: The American West, c1835-c1895 The British Depth Study: Anglo Saxon and Norman England, c1060-88
  • Modern Depth Study: Weimar and Nazi Germany, 1918-39

To find out more about the specification please follow this link:

Current Year 11 students are studying the OCR Schools History Project. The specification focuses on Medicine Through Time and Nazi Germany/ American West. Students will also complete research work, leading to their final piece of Controlled Assessment relating to the conflicts in Northern Ireland.

To find out more about the specification please follow this link:

Curriculum coverage at key stage 5
At AS Level students will cover:

  • Weimar Republic 1918-33. The establishment of the Weimar Republic and the early years 1918-1924
  • The Golden Years 1924-1928
  • The Collapse of democracy
  • Absolutism Challenged: Britain 1603-1649
  • Monarchs and Parliaments 1603-1629
  • Revolution 1629-1649

At A level students will cover:

  • Nazi Germany: Nazi Dictatorship 1933-39, Racial State 1933-1941 ,The Impact of War 1939-1945
  • From Republic to Restored and Limited Monarchy 1649- 1678
  • The Establishment of Constitutional Monarchy 1678-1702