Oakes Holiday Centre

12th October 2015

Students and staff from the Academy enjoyed a second visit to the Oakes Holiday Centre, demonstrating just how much an impression the Oakes has had on our students and staff at Queen Elizabeth’s Academy during the first visit last year.  The visit took place over three days, 12-14 October, and students were given the opportunity to understand and learn more about the Christian faith and develop their team working skills by learning to trust others of whom they did not already know.

This visit  really enable our students to feel supported personally. One student comment of note was, "I have learned that life does not happen on a phone screen and when God made this amazing planet he did not have Candy Crush Saga to play with when he was bored. I also learned that by switching my phone off it has helped me realise that there is a whole world at my fingertips".

Thank you to all the students and staff for making the visit happen.  We hope to return to the Oakes in the next academic year 2016-17.