Principal's blog - the start of a new year

11th September 2017

New academy uniform from September 2017I would like to welcome you back to the start of our new year at Queen Elizabeth's Academy, and what a start it has been! The new blazers look sensational and we have restored our historic house system, with the addition of Flogan to acknowledge Dame Flogan who bequeathed the land we stand on to the original school back in 1458.

The real difference however, can be felt in each and every classroom. Students are engaging with our new knowledge based curriculum better than ever, and the direct instruction teaching method (more like grammar style teaching) is a real hit with staff and students alike. This is how we will accelerate learning for our students this year and how we will ensure that every child meets their potential.

I would like to thank the Queen Elizabeth's Endowed Trust for the incredible support they have given us lately. They are paying for the breakfast club, for musical instruments, helping us make much needed repairs to the building, but significantly have supported the ICT upgrades we have had over the summer. Each ICT suite is now up to date and the infrastructure has been strengthened so that the WiFi and servers can cope with the volume of traffic needed to support students. We are extremely grateful for their support.

We have welcomed almost 200 new students to the academy this September, and they have all settled in beautifully. We know that the dinner queues have been a challenge while everyone gets used to the new system but plans are being implemented to ensure that this runs more smoothly.

Finally, I would like to commend the fabulous staff team at Queen Elizabeth’s who have worked so hard to make the start to the term such a positive one.  Every day they move us one step nearer to our goal of being the academy of choice in Mansfield through excellent team work, determination and grit.  

This year we shine.

Miss Brothwell