Blog: New uniform incoming!

11th August 2017

New academy uniform from September 2017In the last of our blogs about changes at Queen Elizabeth's Academy from September, Miss Brothwell discusses the most visible change that students, parents and the wider community in Mansfield will see - our new uniform!

"We are realy looking forward to introducing our new uniform and are excited to see our extremely smart, 100% recycled blazers proudly worn by our students. All students know how seriously we take high standards of uniform – maintaining great standards of uniform are a clear signal to our community that students are engaged with their education and are proud of being part of the Queen Elizabeth’s family.

All students will receive a new blazer and tie, which were chosen by our students by a vote in the academy. Listening to our ‘student voice’ is crucial as we work together to improve standards at Queen Elizabeth’s – we will work alongside our student body to ensure that our young people have a platform at the academy to raise concerns, ideas and input into decisions affecting them directly.

Students and their families will be able to collect their new uniform from the academy on Wednesday 23rd August between 10am and 2pm. If you have old blazers that you would like to donate, the academy will take these and send for recycling.

Finally, we hope that our full academy community are enjoying their well-deserved break following a productive, busy and hard working year. We look forward to seeing everyone back at the academy in September, including over 130 new year 7 students. This is an exciting year for these students to be joining us as we continue our journey towards making Queen Elizabeth’s an outstanding secondary academy."

Miss Brothwell