Personal development

Personal developmentWe strive to develop our students so that they have the opportunity to academically achieve. It is equally important to empower students with knowledge and skills that will enable them to positively contribute to society and the communities in which they live. Students work towards appropriately focused targets, which are reviewed on a regular basis, and we challenge all to exceed their targets and what they think is possible.

The values instilled in students during their time at the academy, coupled with the support and standard of teaching they receive, are key drivers in giving individuals the desire to continually want to achieve more. Our approach to behaviour, uniform and attendance ensure that students have high standards that can be transferred when progressing into future education and/or employment.

Bespoke planning ensures that students who may be vulnerable or have special educational needs make good gains in their academic and personal development. We also ensure that students who struggle with English as an additional language have access to appropriate support within the academy or through outside agencies.

Our pastoral system, Academy Parliament and a range of enrichment opportunities all actively contribute towards development of personal skills. Our Academy Parliament is led by our head students and ensures that students play an important part in the ongoing development of the academy.