Religious education

Religious educationCurriculum coverage at key stage 3
In years 7 and 8 students will study a variety of topics that will raise their awareness of different religious beliefs and to respect, value and appreciate different attitudes to life. Religious Education (RE) gives the students the opportunity to experience sharing beliefs and opinions, supporting their peers, listening to others’ views, understanding how we are different, showing respect towards other faiths and empathising with others.

There are two strands in RE; students learn about religion such as facts, holy books and places of worship and they learn from religion in terms of promoting more tolerance and understanding of people’s beliefs and views. RE in year 7 encourages students to explore religious beliefs, values and practices particularly within Christianity, Judaism and Hinduism.

RE in year 8 encourages students to explore religious beliefs, values and practices through the units of work on Islam and Pilgrimage. RE will raise students’ awareness of how people can influence us in our life and how a person can have an impact on the world in which we live.

Year 7 will study

  • Beliefs (Wisdom)
  • Judaism (Service)
  • Jesus the Innovator (Forgiveness)
  • Is it the end? (Hope)
  • Legacy of the Inspirational Jesus (Endurance)
  • Hinduism (Thankfulness)

Year 8 will study

  • Inspirational people (Wisdom)
  • Inspirational people (Service)
  • Islam (Endurance)
  • Islam (Thankfulness)
  • Pilgrimage (Forgiveness)
  • Worship (Hope)