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  • QEA Voices

    4th February 2016

    QEA Voices practices will commence from Monday 8 February at 2:50pm until 3:30pm. New members welcome, for anymore information please contact Mrs Riley on 01623 623559 or

  • Y7 Ambitions Programme

    3rd February 2016

    A group of Year 7 students that were identified as benefiting from additional support to help them focus on their ambitions took part in a one hour workshop with staff from the University of Nottingham.

    This session allowed the students time to think about themselves and their goals for the future, they talked about what they are good at and what they need to work on more to improve on in their future learning.  They learned about university life and the skills they will develop at university such as indepen

  • Maun Valley Citizens

    3rd February 2016

    The Good Jobs team met on the 3rd February at All Saints Academy, where they shared their updates on the work they have been completing in their schools and local community on Job opportunities for young people and work experience.

    The students have been busy collecting surveys and responses from school staff and  local neighbours, to see if there were any links into the possibility of gaining a job with and without the opportunity of work experience. 

    Students are now preparing a speech to share their findin

  • Maun Valley Citizens

    15th January 2016

    Queen Elizabeth’s Academy students visited All Saints Academy today as part of their work and commitment to Maun Valley Citizens, which supports students to seek justice in their local community.

    The students have split into three working groups, Media, Community and Schools this was to ensure that they achieve the most they can around the area of Job opportunities for young people in the future in Mansfield.  Students explored the ideas of how they should be more informed on careers, guidance and jobs.

    The t

  • Success in Vocal Exams

    15th January 2016

    Samara Edwards and Sophie Eaton

    Congratulations and celebrations for two year 8 girls on recently passing their grade 1 vocal exam.  We look forward to supporting you on your music journey.  Well done and keep up the singing!

  • Y8 Ambitions Programme

    11th January 2016

    A group of identified year 8 students took part in their annual visit to Sutton Bonnington Campus which is part of the University of Nottingham.  Our students were a credit to the Academy and to themselves in how they engaged with day and all the activities that were completed.

    Students had the chance to begin to plan their thoughts around what jobs they might like to do in the future and what subjects they are currently doing. The mapped out what they thought they were good at, and what they enjoyed to help

  • Christmas Jumper Day

    8th January 2016

    The academy held a charity event to support the 'Save the Children' and the 'Text Santa' campaign on the last day of term.

    The total amount raised was £217.86.

    Thank you to students and staff for taking part.

  • Festive Christmas Lunch

    17th December 2015

    Queen Elizabeth's Academy Christmas lunches were served with festive cheer this year. Lunches were served by members of the Senior Leadership Team at the Academy.

  • Portland College Carol Service

    17th December 2015

    On Thursday 17 December 2015, QEA Voices attended Portland College to lead the singing at their annual Carol Service. As part of the service, QEA Voices sang arrangements of 'Sing', 'Silent Night' & 'O Come all ye faithful'

    Thank you to Portland College for the opportunity top attend this event for the second year in a row and for the fantastic hospitality which was provided. We look forward to seeing you again at Christmas 2016. 

    Well done to all the students involved.

    Merry Christmas to you all.


  • Charity collection for Jerry Green Dog Rescue

    15th December 2015

    Students at Queen Elizabeth’s Academy are collecting toys and treats for the Jerry Green Dog Rescue Centre.  Our students are incredibly caring and thoughtful and are aware of the plight of animal sanctuaries and rescue centres, especially at this time of year.  As a result, Mrs Betts was approached by a group of students to launch a toy and treat appeal. 

    We are asking our students and staff to give generously to ensure the dogs at Jerry Green’s have a wonderful Christmas with extra treats and toys.

    A huge t

  • Y10 University Visit

    14th December 2015

    A group of Year 10 students took part in their second visit to the University of Nottingham as part of the ambition programme. The students had the opportunity to experience lesson delivery in a University setting. They attended a session focused on Biology and experienced a new lesson on Law. In the afternoon students were given the skills to help them research further education opportunities for themselves.

  • Mansfield Youth Bowling Competition

    14th December 2015

    We would like to congratulate Ana Carolina on her design for a new logo for the Mansfield Youth Bowling Club. She will be presented with her prize very soon and the image will be available very soon.

    Well done Ana.

  • St Mark's Christmas Service

    7th December 2015

    On Monday 7 December 2015, Queen Elizabeth's Academy Family of Schools held their annual Christmas Community Carol Service. The evening was well attended and there was time within the service for all to share their hopes for 2016.

    We would like to say thank you to the Reverend Dr. Keith Hebden; QEA Chaplain Steph Smart, QEA Deputy Head Girl Alice Nichols and Head Girl Jessica Williams.

    Thank you to the choirs from Crescent Primary School, Flying High Academy, Intake Farm Primary and Queen Elizabeth's Academy

  • 6th Form Common Room

    4th December 2015

    Funding was generously received from Eastwood Trust Fund for cafe style tables and chairs for the 6th form students. This has vastly improved the communal area for students to study and socialise during their lunch times.

    A big thank you to Eastwood Trust Fund from the 6th form students at Queen Elizabeth's Academy.

  • Christmas Market and Big Sing Event

    4th December 2015

    On the evening of the 26 November 2015, the Academy held their annual Christmas Market. This year we were joined by the In Christ In Schools team who supported and led a Big Sing event with our Family of Schools.

    The evening was a huge success, with a total of £853.96 being raised.  This will go towards opportunities for our young people.

    We would like to thank the trade stalls for their continued support of our market.

    Thank you to all our Primary Schools that took part and sang an array of carols to get us i

  • Christmas Market in Mansfield

    4th December 2015

    On Wednesday 2 December 2015, 6 students represented the Academy by running a market stall in the town centre.

    Post 16 students were joined by year 10 and year 7 students who worked as a team to understand entrepreneurial characteristics of running a small business and developing leadership skills.

    The students sold items that they had made through hospitality and catering and after school academy craft.

    Well done to the students for their involvement on the day. The students involved were; Rebecca Wisdom, Lou

  • QEA Voices

    18th November 2015

    Monday 16 November 2015 QEA voices performed at Mansfield bus station and got the bus station rocking with their performance of over 15 carols. We would like to thank the Manager of Mansfield bus station Louise Dempsey for the opportunity to sing and raise funds for our Academy.

    Thank you to all who contributed to the collection and raised just under £40.00 in 40 minutes. Well done QEA Voices!

    Please look out for our artwork display, which focuses on Christmas and travel within Mansfield.

  • National Council of Young Women

    18th November 2015

    Anzelika Lugononka and Marina Calhabeu attended the National Council of Young Women Intergenerational Seminar. This was planned and delivered by local Sixth Formers. Definitions of feminism were shared and opposing opinions volunteered and discussed. Mixed age groups each gave a presentation about what they thought was still a gender equality issue that needs addressing.

    The students that represented the Academy gave a presentaion on generation equality and had a valuable experience of learning and sharing t

  • Maun Valley Citizens

    18th November 2015

    On the evening of Tuesday 17 November 2015, students from Queen Elizabeth's Academy attended the annual general meeting and the Discerning Event at St. Philip's Church in Mansfield. Students had the opportunity to share current issues which they felt was an issue for young people within Mansfield. Discussions around park safety, street lighting and more work opportunities were put forward. The students were then invited to join the working groups they felt were most important and they focused on the jobs te

  • Head Boy 2015

    13th November 2015

    Congratulations to Joshua Weston on his appointment of Head Boy at Queen Elizabeth's Academy.